Web Site Services

Need a website?  Don’t know where to start or what to do?  That’s OK, because I can help you figure everything out and I don’t charge an arm and a leg.

I’ve been developing websites since the Internet was called the Information Superhighway, and I’ve seen a lot of things come and go.  Through it all I’ve learned, collected and stashed away in my toolbox the best tools and the best methods for developing websites and applications is the quickest an most effective way possible.  My development services are guaranteed to work as expected and be delivered on time.

Web Development Services

The following packages are designed to help businesses and individuals get up and running in a short amount of time with minimal impact to your bottom line.

  1. 5 Page Web Site – $500 A great way to get started. This is a custom web site with 5 pages that will be custom made to fit your needs. The site will be built assuming future growth, so as you or your business needs change, the site can also change and grow as well.  Normally, these sites take a few days and can be up and running within a week if materials are ready to be provided.
  2. Additional Pages – If your project requires more than 5 pages, don’t worry.  I’ll do easy pages for free, so if you need more than 5 pages and there isn’t a lot going on in them, you’re covered.
  3. Themes and Branding – Quotable* If your needs are not satisfied by the large selection of free themes that are available, custom themes and branding can be built to suit your needs.  I have a team of graphic designers able to accommodate any need.

* Because developing a quote takes a bit of time, there will be a $25 deposit to develop the quote. Should you choose to move forward with your project, the $25 fee will be applied to the cost of the project. The quote fee is non-refundable.

Other Web Services

I wear many technology hats, here are some of the other services I can provide to you or your business:

  • Managed Web Hosting – Your website needs a server to call home, and I currently manage over 70 websites.  Adding yours
  • Web site analysis – Not getting the traffic you expected? Perhaps there is a reason.
  • Free WordPress installation service – Need help getting everything set up correctly the first time?
  • SEO services – Optimize your site for targeted search engine traffic.
  • Social Integration and Explanation – Understand and integrate social traffic into your web site.  Don’t understand why you should be using Facebook, Twitter and many other social sites?  I can convince you once you understand the power of sites like these.
  • One-on-one or group technology training – Learn how to do what I do, so you can do it yourself!
  • Database architecture design and development – Capture and manipulate information
  • System architecture design and development – Understand what you have in place
  • Automation analysis – Need to automate some processes to save yourself time and money?
  • One-off projects – Help with something not listed here? Have a question you need details on?


My rate is $60 per hour and is billed in 15 minute increments.  This makes my accounting and billing really easy, and you get a screaming deal on my services.  I can do most things really quick, so just ask me for an estimate and I’ll let you know what to expect before anything is done.

I don’t bother billing if the task only takes a few minutes. If that is the case, then we can also work out an acceptable alternative such as giving me a shout out to your friends and network associates or by providing a link to my site from one of your own web sites or on a social service.  Every bit helps, and I’m always appreciative when that happens.

Added Value Development and Bug Free Guarantee

I always hear the horror stories of a web site that someone built for someone that they paid through the nose for, only to find later that several critical factors were overlooked or completely ignored.  You won’t get that when you hire me.  I’ve been around the block and can see well into the future of your web site and know what you’re going to want a year  or two from now.  I build every site with the future in mind.  What does that mean?  It means:

  • All sites are built to allow the customer to perform their own updates. You will not have to hire another developer or myself to perform page updates for simple text changes.  Every page is editable, and with a little training, anyone can do their own updates.  You still can use me if you wish.  I won’t stop you.
  • All sites are SEO optimized to help the site rank better in search engines, which in turn helps you increase traffic.  I build every page with this in mind.
  • All sites are submitted to search engines, if you want that. Your site can be submitted to Google, Yahoo, and Bing free of charge.
  • Training. I will help you become familiar with normal operating procedures as part of the hand over process if there are any.  I am also a phone call away, so you won’t ever be without my support.
  • Trustworthy Web Development. I routinely need access to systems that are protected by a username or password.  Unless you are able to do whatever needs to be done behind these credentials, don’t be alarmed if I ask for a username and password.  It’s part of my job, and I have worked with a high level of trust with many, many clients.

If you find a bug in anything I write, I will fix it for free.  Gratis, a no cost to you.  It’s my guarantee to you that everything I write for you will perform and behave as expected.  This should be every developers motto!

Thank you for the consideration

I enjoy helping people and being part of making dreams a reality. Please feel free to inquire about any of these services for more information.