About Wayne John

"Matrix" Halloween costume

“Matrix” Halloween costume

Hello and welcome, yes my name is really Wayne John.  I currently live and work in Southern California as a programmer for a wonderful company.  I’m one of those people that look forward to going to work because I really love what I do.  I love to program applications and websites.

I don’t stop there though.  For many years I would get off work only to come home and continue working on websites, but for myself.  Over the years I’ve built networks of sites that work for me and bring me in extra money.  The best thing is, I don’t have to really do that much to maintain them.  I’ve done plenty of client work to realize that it’s more lucrative for me to build my own sites that operate autonomously, but I still take on clients to keep myself challenged.

I work a 40-hour job by day and I’m an affiliate marketer/website developer by night.

Wayne JohnThis blog started as a way for me to simply express myself, and you’ll find a lot of the earlier posts are just that, me figuring out what WayneJohn.com is going to be all about.  I’ve built tutorials, I’ve ranted about socio-political issues, I’ve even strayed into marketing to my readers, and I have now come to the conclusion that I have gone about it all wrong.  My goals were not in line with the structure of my site and the goals of my readership.  I took a year off to “find myself” and figure out, yet again, what to do with my blog.

Flash-forward to today, I have a new vision for WayneJohn.com that will share what I have learned in the affiliate marketing space.  I’ve become more invested in Internet marketing than ever before and I plan on sharing everything I know and have learned over the past 10 years.

I hope I can help you in some way, so please take time to introduce yourself.